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Sled Hockey enables youth and adults to play hockey sitting down in an adaptive sled. Each sled has a specially designed seat attached to an aluminum fram with two hockey skate blades underneath. Instead of one stick, the players use two shorter sticks. One end of the stick has a metal “pic” to help the player move around the ice. The other end looks like a hockey stick blade and is used to pass and shoot the puck.

Sled hockey is perfect for people with physical disabilities and mobility disorders including spinal cord injuries, spina bifida, lower limb amputations, cerebral palsy and other lower body impairments. The Wisconsin Skeeters welcome all ability levels, ranging from first timers to experienced players.

The only difference is in the equipment the team uses. The rules are the same as regular hockey.

How is Sled Hockey Different from Ice Hockey
Who Can Participate

Sled Hockey was invented in Sweden at a rehabilitation center in the early 1960’s by a group of Swedes with physical disabilities. Despite their disability, they wanted to continue playing in ice hockey. In 1994, sled hockey was added as an official Paralympics sport to the Winter games in Lillehammer, Norway.

The History of Sled Hockey
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