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About Us

Our Story

Sled Hockey enables youth and adults to play hockey sitting down in an adaptive sled. Each sled has a specially designed seat attached to an aluminum fram with two hockey skate blades underneath. Instead of one stick, the players use two shorter sticks. One end of the stick has a metal “pic” to help the player move around the ice. The other end looks like a hockey stick blade and is used to pass and shoot the puck.

The Wisconsin Skeeters and Wisconsin Sting were formed as part of the Southern Wisconsin Sled Hockey teams. Together, they provide an adaptive sports program for anyone who has a love of the sport or just wants to get active. We welcome all abilities ranging from first timers to experienced players

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage the benefits of sled hockey for those with physical limitations to empower people of all ages through the promotion of skill development, fitness, and fair play. We strive to provide an environment that builds teamwork, enjoyment, and camaraderie.

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